Lukoil Protest: $8 A Gallon Gas In NJ, Penn

More than 50 Lukoil gas stations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have decided to charge $8 a gallon for gas, reports It is part of a protest by the stations against Lukoil North America.

The stations claim that Lukoil North America is is making it harder to compete against other gas stations in the area. They say that Lukoil is charging the stations too much for their gas, sometimes as much as .25 cents per gallon more than their local competitors.

The stations are jacking up their prices to make consumers aware of the price pressures that they are under. They are handing out flyers to customers explaining their actions and are asking them to contact Lukoil.

Sal Risalvato of the New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience, Automotive Association said the protest was aimed at raising consumer awareness about the challenges facing Lukoil dealers and getting Lukoil to respond to dealer grievances.

“We were all at a breaking point,” Risalvato Told The Huffington Post.

“They essentially sell the very same gasoline to stations in close proximity of each other at different prices in order to game the market and compete with other gasoline brands,” Risalvato said. “In doing so, the price may differ by as much as 25 cents a gallon, and place one retailer and the retailer’s customers at an enormous disadvantage over another station.”

Lukoil is a Russian company and has over 500 gas stations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.