According to new information, Barnes and Noble is going to be shutting down about a third of the stores it currently has open.

The reasoning behind this move seems to involve the fact that E-readers are taking the world by storm. Barnes and Noble introduced the Nook E-reader, which has sold well and is popular among many avid readers and customers of Barnes and Noble.

Many of the stores in the chain are unprofitable, however, some will be relocating to better areas. Barnes and Noble used to hold many store openings all over the country every year until 2009, which was also when the Nook was introduced and released.

Technology and the E-reader seem to be the cause of the dropping of around 200 stores in the United States. Due to the same changes, Borders, a rival of Barnes and Noble, had to shut down and go out of business. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen for everyone’s favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble.