English Soccer Star Offers Classes on Buying Property

Former English soccer star Robbie Fowler has invested in the buy-to-let scheme. This is a British phrase that simply means Fowler purchased property to rent it out. At this time he is known to own somewhere around 80 properties, which equates to about 28 million pounds. This is equivalent to $42.2 million.

Digital Spy reports that with his success in buying property Fowler has set up classes to help up and coming landlords become as successful as he has. The reason he is offering these classes is to pass on the success he has achieved and this success would not have been possible if he did not get helpful advice passed down to him.

Fowler will not be present at the classes initially, but he has assembled a team of experts to cover topics relating to finance, finding the best deals, improving your credit rating, and property management. So far the only dates for the classes take place between March 12 and 16 in London.