Carnival Cruises Canceled: Triumph To Sit Out 10 Trips

Carnival Cruises Canceled: Triumph To Sit Out 10 Trips

Anchors Awaiting—The Defeat of ‘The Triumph’

Carnival Cruise Lines announced yesterday that it would be canceling 10 scheduled voyages of its cruise liner Carnival Triumph whose engine room experienced an unexpected inferno while out to sea last month.

The Triumph and its 4,200 passengers were crippled in the gulf of Mexico with no power for nearly a week while an armada of tugboats prodded the 900-foot behemoth about 350 miles to safe harbor in Mobile, Alabama.

“The cruise line is making significant investments to enhance the level of operating redundancies and the scope of hotel services that can run on emergency power, and further improve each ship’s fire prevention, detection and suppression systems,” Carnival said Wednesday.

Amid shantytowns on the deck and Soviet-Russia-style food lines inside the sewage soaked cabins, befuddled travelers contemplated the good faith and trust they had placed in the hands of Carnival.

Although conditions were uncomfortable aboard the Triumph and worried family members ashore frantically wondered if they had seen the last of their loved ones, the basic necessities of life were in ready supply leaving none of the commuters to perish from lack of food or water. In the end all were returned to the comparative safety of land and the Triumph is expected to make a full recovery by the 3rd of June.

Speaking to ABC News, Mike Driscoll, editor of Cruise Week, said Carnival is making the right decision by taking their time to properly repair the ship.

“The cancellations are painful in the short-term, both to Carnival customers and Carnival Corp.’s bottom line, but a very shrewd maneuver in the long-term,” Driscoll said. “Carnival is facing increasing scrutiny, not just from media, but from Congress, so they’re acting quickly to forestall legislative maneuvers that might require them to make such moves anyway down the line. The view is that it’s better to do it on your own, as opposed to having politicians require you to make changes.”

Carnival has 23 ships in its fleet, according to the company’s website.

In January last year, the Costa Concordia, a 114,500 tonne luxury cruise ship operated by the Carnival Corp-owned Costa Cruises, capsized and sank off the Tuscan island of Giglio in Italy, killing 32 people.

Carnival cruises canceled on Triumph until June