McDonald's late night Menu Test To include Breakfast

McDonald’s late night Menu Test To include Breakfast

McDonald’s Reports Testing After Midnight Menu

The world’s largest fast food chain is hoping that night owls will soon beat a path to their nearest McDonald’s location to try some of the new After Midnight menu items the company has been test marketing recently.

The special value menu for late night hours contains items from both its regular as well as its traditional breakfast menus. Customers will be able to mix and match such selections as hot cakes, soda and coffee with an Egg White Delight McMuffin, Big Mac, fries, hash browns and oatmeal.

The new After Midnight menu also includes a variety of McCafe drinks and desserts.

Officials at McDonald’s say that their latest menu test is an effort to try to appeal to more customers at more hours of the day or night, since the number of McDonald’s restaurants open for service 24 hours a day has recently increased.

“Our customers want convenience around the clock,” the company said in a statement. Someone should inform them that “around the clock” includes an afternoon and evening as well.

The After Midnight menu will enable a customer working a late shift to get an Egg McMuffin with fries at 3 in the morning or a Chicken McNuggets snack at 2 a.m. Restaurants in northern Indiana as well as Rockford, Illinois have been involved in the testing process. The company then plans to roll out After Midnight at its 24-hour locations nationwide.

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