Mormon Church Land Grab to Allow Organization to Own 2% of Florida

The wealth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not known as current tax laws allow religious institutions to keep their financial information private. However, a corporate spokesman for the worldwide church known colloquially as the “Mormon Church” has announced that a $585 million deal in Florida will allow the institution to purchase an additional 382,834 acres of Florida land.

The land in question is not developed and often times does not even have paved roads for access. Currently, the land largely belongs to St. Joe’s timberlands and is spread across Gulf, Gadsen, Bay, Jefferson, Liberty, Leon, and Wakulla counties in the state’s panhandle area.

One of the church’s vast corporate holdings, AgReserves Inc., will manage the land for its timber. AgReserves claims it has been a wise steward over its land holdings and will operate on the land responsibly. When the deal is completed, the Church will own 685,000 acres of land in the sunny state which amounts to 2% of the Florida’s land mass. No other private organization owns a swath of land that large in Florida. St. Joe’s will remain in operation with 185,000 acres of land after the sale.