Pizza Hut SlicesPizza Hut, one of the “Big Three” pizza chains within the United States, has started offering single slices of pizza, rather than entire pies. The single-slice pies are being tested only at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and York, Nebraska franchise locations.

Doug Terfehr, spokesman for the pizza chain, says that it will expand this option to all locations if test responses approve. Rival company Domino’s already offers slices at 50 of its nearly 5,000 national locations.

While buying by the slice is a common practice with smaller pizzerias, it’s a relatively unknown decision for the Big Three, whom account for 33% of all US pizza sales according to PMQ Pizza Magazine; Pizza Hut accounts for 15%. While these chains have offered competing styles of crust, different side dishes, reduced delivery time, and enhanced ordering methods, there is still competition from relatively independent pizzerias, as well as Subway’s personal pizzas, Chipotle’s test runs at 10 of its locations, and even supermarket-branded pies.

Terfehr sees Pizza Hut’s single slices as another option that won’t disrupt its existing business of swiftly delivered pizza. He added that the Pawtucket and York locations were chosen for their customer diversity and varying customer tastes.


Pizza Hut Slices