McDonald’s New Slogan Garners Criticism Before Official Rollout

McDonald’s hasn’t changed its slogan since 2003 when it became “I’m Lovin’ It.” Recently the company unveiled plans to roll out a new slogan. The change comes as the fast food chain struggles to retain customers amid harsh criticism and slumping sales. Early reports don’t paint a favorable public reaction to the slogan change, though. With that in mind, McDonald’s might not see the turnaround that it’s looking for anytime soon.

Not Many Smiles Over New Slogan

The new slogan, “Lovin’ Not Hatin’,” doesn’t evoke positive emotions among consumers. A public backlash has already occurred against the company. Well, the backlash is more akin to continued criticism rather than a new development. The company even saw its burgers rated as the worst in fast food in a recent Consumer Reports study. It appears as though the company believed a slogan change would produce positive sentiment toward McDonald’s, but that’s not the case so far.

Lots of people were quick to voice their dissatisfaction with the new slogan.

When does the new slogan roll out?

According to the company, McDonald’s will roll out its new slogan in early 2015. A gigantic Super Bowl ad would introduce the world to “Lovin’ Not Hatin’.” There’s no word yet on whether the negative reaction will cause a change in plans. By replacing “I’m Lovin’ It,” the company has opted for a far less positive slogan. Even adding a derivative of the word “hate” into the slogan draws a negative connotation.

A slogan change won’t save McDonald’s from its current woes, no matter the reaction. Currently, McDonald’s faces slowing sales and public backlash against the company’s actual food offerings. Plans for a major overhaul may or may not help McDonald’s save face among consumers and draw in higher sales figures once again. Either way, a long road awaits the company as it seeks to regain its composure.

McDonalds announced Thursday it intends to rehaul the structure of its U.S. operations, cutting levels of management they say will help give regional operations more freedom to respond to localized taste preference.

McDonald’s, which has more than 35,000 locations around the world, said it expects its challenges will continue into the current quarter, with global sales down for October as well.

For the quarter, revenue declined to $6.99 billion, short of the $7.23 billion Wall Street expected. Net income declined to $1.07 billion, or $1.09 per share. Adjusted for one-time costs, earnings were $1.52 per share. Analysts expected $1.37 per share.

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