chevy volt

chevy volt

DETROIT – Chevrolet has set a retail price on the 2016 second-generation Volt plug-in electric car at $33,995, which can be reduced by a $7,500 federal tax credit.

While Chevrolet is touting this as $1,200 below the price of the 2015 model, Chevy dealers are carrying a large inventory of unsold 2015 Volts, which was more than a half-year’s supply at the end of March, according to
TrueCar, the carbuying information site, reports that after current incentives and the $7,500 federal tax credit, a customer buying a 2015 Volt would pay about $25,933.

Volt sales have fallen sharply, as have sales of most hybrid and plug-in hybrids as gas prices remain below $3 a gallon in most of the country.
The 2016 Volt, which will go on sale later this year, will offer an estimated 50 miles of battery-only travel before its 1.5-liter Ecotec four-cylinder range-extenderkicks in.

That is up from about 37 miles on the 2015 model.

Those drivers who regularly refill the car’s gas-fueled generator should be able to travel about 1,000 miles between each refill.