In the latest case of ridiculous lawsuits, a woman from Los Angeles is suing Google for allegedly giving her false directions via Google Maps. Using the directions that she acquired from Google Maps, the woman found herself walking down a dirt road and was hit by a passing car.

Lauran Rosenberg turned to Google Maps back on the 19th of January last year to get directions from 96 Daly Street in Park City, Utah, to 1710 Prospector Ave. The route she was given included a stretch of walking on a sidewalkless road, known for speeding cars, and in her case one of those cars actually hit her. Rosenberg’s lawyers claim that Google should’ve known that the area was dangerous and not suggested it to her as part of her route.

The area is still present on Google Maps, but now comes with a warning of no sidewalks. As far as the lawsuit goes, “Google’s careless, reckless and negligent providing of unsafe directions” resulted in “severe permanent physical, emotion and mental injuries” as well as more than $100,000 in medical bills.

Subsequently, Rosenberg has also filed suit against the driver of the car that hit her, Patrick Harwood.


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