John R. Pacella Arrested Twice after 911 Misuse Call

In January, registered sex offender John R. Pacella was arrested after calling 911 to bait police officers, telling them he wanted to fight them.

When officers arrived, Pacella went on the attack and was arrested on three felony counts, including aggravated battery. Now it seems that the 38 year old Willowbrook resident is in even deeper hot water with the law.

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In early February Pacella was arrested twice in one day, in late afternoon after pounding on a neighbor’s door and forcibly trying to enter the apartment, then several hours later after he was accused of attacking an elderly neighbor with an umbrella.

Although the senior was not harmed, Pacella was dispatched to DuPage County Jail where he is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Property managers of his apartment complex have already tried unsuccessfully to evict the belligerant Pacella.

John R. Pacella 911 Call Results In 2 Arrestes

John R. Pacella 911 Call Results In 2 Arrestes