Marcia Usher Calls 911 To Ask Restroom Directions

When a drunk and disoriented woman thought she was lost in the woods, she dialed 911 to inquire about suggestions on where she could urinate.

Now Marcia Usher is facing criminal charges because the responding deputies found the inebriated woman wandering in front of her house, not lost in the woods.

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Things went from bad to worse when deputies found a loaded shotgun inside her house and she resisted arrest.

Usher continued to rack up charges against her when a vial of meth residue was discovered when she was strip searched.

Now the 32-year old Usher faces numerous charges, including possession of a concealed weapon, possession of an illegal substance, and resisting arrest.

Marcia Usher 911 Call:  Asks Restroom Directions

Marcia Usher 911 Call: Asks Restroom Directions