Russian Man Fleeing Girlfriend Rescued from Rubbish Chute

A Russian man trying to elude his girlfriend thought that a building rubbish chute would provide a quick escape hatch.

Unfortunately, his poor decision required a squad of emergency workers to free him from the cluttered chute when he got jammed inside after travelling from the eighth floor down to the fifth.

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Workers were amazed that the man could even enter the chute at all because the opening latch is only about as big as a large grocery bag.

The emergency crew had to extracate the still unidentified man by cutting through the chute’s metal with some sort of electrical device.

He was transported by ambulance to a hospital for a medical examination to ensure that he suffered no ill effects from jumping down the chute other than a bruised ego.

And no explanation as yet from the man on why he was trying so desperately to elude his girlfriend.

Russian Man Gets Stuck In Rubbish Chute

Russian Man Gets Stuck In Rubbish Chute