Thai Transgender is Pageant Favorite

Angkookrat Warangnam, a twenty-six year old Thai transgendered person, entered Brighton’s Next Hot Model contest as a woman and stunned the judges with her beauty.

Her slim figure, dark eyes and gorgeous smile landed her a spot past the preliminary rounds of the competition.

The judges had no idea at all that she was born a man, and she only revealed it to them after she was awarded the position.

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The organizers allowed her to continue on in the pageant, saying that the competition is not about gender, but about beauty.

Organiser Scott Woolgar said: “During the selection process it did not cross any of our minds for a minute that she was a man.

“I know a lot of judges showed pictures to friends and family to get a bit of help and nobody twigged.

“When we were deciding who to put through to the final she was on everybody’s list. Everyone thought she was one of the prettiest girls.

“The competion is based on approach, looks and personality and Toon has all of that. It is about beauty pure and simple regardless of whether Toon was born male or female.

“We believe beauty is more than skin deep and would be honoured to have Toon in our final.”

This is just one step towards transgendered equality.

Transgender Model Angkookrat Warangnam Stuns Judges In Beauty Contest

Transgender Model Angkookrat Warangnam Stuns Judges In Beauty Contest