Two Japan Melons Net $12,500 US After Auction

Melons are considered such a delicacy among the Japanese that two Japan melons recently sold for $12,500 US (or one million yen) at auction.

The fresh orange-flesh Yubari melons, ornately packaged in a gift box with the stem attached, were offered on the first day of fresh fruit season. This was not the highest price paid at auction for two cantaloupe melons, however.

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In 2008, a record two and a half million yen was the selling price for a pair of Japan melons. Although such prices might produce sticker shock in the U.S. market and elsewhere in the world, they hardly raise an eyebrow among the Japanese.

Extremely high prices for perfectly shaped ripe fruit is the norm among the Japanese who considered buying these items a status symbol.

A single apple can cost as much as $5 US and less than two dozen bing cherries in a gift box sells for $100 US.

Two Japan Melons Net $12500 US After Auction

Two Japan Melons Net $12500 US After Auction