Wal-Mart Snake Attack

47 year old Mica Craig, a resident of Washington was walking through the Garden Center at a local Wal Mart when he bent down to pick up a stick up off the floor. Upon being bitten, he realized that the stick was in fact a rattle snake.

Ironically, Craig was at the Wal Mart to purchase a few items for his home Marijuana growing business when he was bitten. 20 minutes after being bitten, his hand swelled to the size of a grapefruit and he was rushed to the hospital.

Craig was fortunate as he did not show any signs of venom poisoning from the snake bite, and was given six vials of anti venom as a precaution. Wal Mart launched an apology and said they are investigating the incident.

It’s unclear whether the snake was shipped in with the garden supplies or if it entered the Wal Mart on it’s own.

Idaho Walmart Scene Of Rattlesnake Attack

Idaho Walmart Scene Of Rattlesnake Attack