Cops Called on 4 year old

When a 4 year old girl’s library books were overdue, the library went to the extreme…. by calling the police.

Yes, a little girl who checked out several books in 2011 had failed to return the books so the library called the police to take care of the matter.

The issue more concerns the family as they had recieved numerous phone calls and letters about the overdue books inlcuding “Dora the Explorer: The Halloween Cat” and “I see the Moon”. Still, it’s quite a headline to read considering the books were checked out in the girls name.

How much exactly does she owe? The library’s records indicate that the total cost of the books she checked out has amounted to around $81.60.

The mother of the child has since paid the fine. The librarian involved said while this type of thing is rare, she said it does sometimes occur.