Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Most people think of their pets as another member of the family. It is safe to say that when a part of the family is ill other members of the family become concerned.

For Kerry Woodier of Beechwood, her worst fears were about to come ture.

Her dog Daisy required life-saving surgery after she swallowed a needle that measured two inches in length.

Woodier said she took the dog to a veterinarian hospital after Daisy would continuously “yelp” and whimper in pain.

“When I took Daisy round she must have swallowed it. She just kept whining and whenever you touched her throat or whenever she ate something she would yelp.

“I thought she had swallowed a sharp chew or something similar but I had a look and couldn’t see anything,” Ms Woodier said.

Daisy is going to make a full recovery after being released from the animal hospital with a supply of antibiotics and pain relievers.

Daisy The Dog Swallows 2-Inch Needle

Daisy The Dog Swallows 2-Inch Needle