A six-foot nurse shark named Florence is the new poster girl of a shark vegetarian.

It was discovered back in 2009 that Florence wasn’t consuming meat.

Her Distaste for flesh started when she went into surgery to remove a hook from her jaw, since that time she has not consumed any meat.

“She was off her food for a good while when she first arrived from Florida with three other nurse sharks at our main collection centre in Dorset,” said Curator Graham Burrows. “She was given an ultrasound scan which revealed a fishing hook buried deep inside her mouth.”

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Florence’s handlers, located at the Birmingham National Sea life Centre, have made several attempts to get Florence to have meat, but she has not responded to the offers.

The handlers have tried to hide pieces of meat into her vegetables, but she will not go near the food. Florence has made headlines and is the only known shark to date that will not eat meat.

Burrows said: “We’re having to hide pieces of fish inside celery sticks, hollowed out cucumbers and between the leaves of lettuces to get her to eat them. And it has to be well hidden, because if she realises it’s there, she’ll ignore the offering and wait for the strictly vegetarian option.”

Instead of using her teeth to show down on fish, Florence is instead stealing greens from other creatures, including a turtle.

“Nurse sharks do occasionally graze on algae in the wild, and we weren’t surprised when Florence first stole some of Molokai’s greens,” said Mr Graham.

First Vegetarian Shark Refuses To Eat Meat

First Vegetarian Shark Refuses To Eat Meat