RAF Helicopter Crew Lands For Ice Cream

Residents of Winterton-on-Sea in Norfolk, England were wondering where the emergency was when an RAF rescue helicopter landed on the town’s beach.

There was no emergency. The crew landed the chopper so the whole crew could have some ice cream.

The crew members were part of a standard search and rescue unit. They were conducting training exercises at the time, and they were not officially on patrol duty.

Owner of the Winterton Dunes Beach Cafe told the Telegraph she had never seen the helicopter land there before.

She said: “People had been coming in asking what they were doing, was there an emergency? And I said no, they come in for an ice cream.”

Another witness from Dereham, said: “We were sitting over in the corner having lunch and everyone said, look a Rescue helicopter has landed.

“In they walked with helmet in their hand and said,

“It’s alright we just want an ice cream.”

“They went outside and waved to us all as they left and it was very nice to see.”

According to an RAF spokesman, training crews are required to practice a number of different flying and landing exercises including landing on beaches. The RAF spokesman stated that the crew going for ice cream was not a violation of any RAF rules.

RAF Helicopter Lands For Ice Cream In Winterton-on-Sea

RAF Helicopter Lands For Ice Cream In Winterton-on-Sea