Child Stuck In Washing Machine For Over A Minute (VIDEO)

Father puts son in washer but machine begins to fill with water and spin

Nobody is really sure what was going through the head of a father in the United States when he put his small son inside a laundromat washer.

What may have been a prank pulled on his tiny son, though, escalated into a life-threatening drama when the washing machine door wouldn’t open, and the machine began to spin and fill with water. The child tossed around helplessly inside.

The terrifying event came to international attention this week when a video was posted on YouTube. In the video, you see the father desperately tugging at the handle of the washer as his son is being whisked around inside. Then he runs off to get help as the mother continues to frantically try to open it.

After almost a minute of the baby being thrown around the washer, a man runs up and disables the machine. As the washer begins to slow, after several frantic tugs, he’s also able to drag open the door and the child is rescued.

According to the note on the video, the little boy had only minor injuries. A lucky day for him, and for his father.

The young boy isn’t the only child to get stuck inside a washing machine.

In 2008, 4-year-old Doniven Hasseman tried to retrieve his clothes from the washing machine, when he fell inside and got stuck, MSNBC reports.

After 45 minutes, rescue workers managed to free the boy using the jaws of life.

Child Stuck In Washing Machine For Over A Minute

Child Stuck In Washing Machine For Over A Minute Epic fail at a laundromat. Parent puts child in a washer and accidentally starts the machine. (The machine auto-locks when the washer starts so customers don't flood the laundromat).