The Queen’s Underwear Have Been Auctioned Off

It is true that almost anything can be found and bought on the internet these days. This last week a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s II underwear was put on a limited ten day auction on the site ebay, by the estate of Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi.

The Baron was described as an aristocrat and traveler.

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The story of how he got the underwear is said to be that the Queen used a private plane in 1968 for a trip to Chile. Upon the end of the flight the pilot found the underwear and being friends with the Baron gave them to him.

The estate had sent them to an auction house, but became tired of waiting for them to authenticated and sell the garment. The bloomers were then listed on ebay.

They were described as being slightly yellowed from age and previously worn. The listing also stated this was a once in a life time opportunity. The bloomer style underwear sold for £11, 390 or $17,880.

Queen's knickers Sold On eBay For sold for £11,390

Queen's knickers Sold On eBay For sold for £11,390