A vintage pair of panties allegedly worn by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain have been won at auction on the Internet for the shocking sum of $18,000.

The famous pair of underwear was listed on e-bay by the estate of the late “Baron” Joseph de Biscke Dobronyi. The seller claimed that the Baron found the panties when the Queen left them aboard a private plane after a state visit to Chile in the late 1960s.

The names of bidders participating in e-bay auctions is kept private and the identity of the lingerie-loving winner was not announced and may never be known.

The panties listed in the auction ad appeared to be quite a few years old, trimmed at the legs in lace and fastened with small white buttons up the left side.

It’s not surprising that Queen Elizabeth collectibles are popular this year, which celebrates the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth’s acsension to the throne of England.

Auction Brings $18K for Queen Elizabeth II Panties