Forget the Horse, Dog and Cat Whisperer

Meet the Buffalo Whistler, Cowboy R. C. Bridges, who lives with his wife, Sherron, who makes clothing and headdresses from the animals’ hair.

Wildthing (male) and Bullet (female) actually live with the Bridges, in their house, although Bullet is not house-trained. They also own a pet wolf that doesn’t live in the house.

The buffalo, who weigh 2,400 pounds and 900 pounds respectively, live in the house and just “hang out.” The animals even go for rides in the family car.
Wildthing served as best man when R. C. and Sherron renewed their vows in 2006, handling his ring duty by tossing them from his horns.

Wildthing has been with the family for years, but Bullet was given to the Bridges recently, after her previous family found her too hard to control.
Bridges said “Friends and family aren’t afraid to come over as I keep it all safe. But most of them think I will get killed.”

Cowboy lives with wife, buffalo and wolf

Cowboy lives with wife, buffalo and wolf