Bizarre Bar Buddies

Here’s one to file under the title of bizarre and amusing.

In Dubuque, Iowa there is not much amusement, however, bar goers were having a great time snapping photos of and with 56-year-old Jerald Reiter. Why was he so popular one may ask? Simple, he had with him a pet zebra and a parrot.

The interesting and unique combination of the two animals got him plenty of attention.

Unfortunately he also attracted the attention of the police because he was arrested for drunk driving with the animals.

When questioned Reiter stated the animals were his pets, and he often brought them to the bar but they were not allowed inside. It sort of plays out like a bad joke, “So this guy goes to the bar with his zebra and his parrot.” I guess jokes have to start somewhere!

Man arrested zebra bar

Man arrested zebra bar