The meat clerk at the Del Rey Oaks Safeway store that was suspended, now has his job back.

Ryan Young was working on April 21st, when he saw a man kick his girlfriend.

He tried to get the man to stop and when he wouldn’t, Ryan struck him. His actions were caught on a security camera and he was suspended. Safeway has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence in the workplace.

Ryan was able to get the United Food and Commercial Workers Union behind him. They challenged his suspension but Safeway would not budge for weeks. Customers started picketing and boycotting the store.

The chief of police even commended Ryan’s actions.

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After all of the negative publicity Safeway reinstated him on Wednesday. He will be working at a different Safeway store that is still close to his home. He also received full back pay from the company.

“As we have said from the outset, Mr. Young’s decision to intervene on behalf of one of our customers was commendable,” Safeway said in a statement Wednesday.

“Whatever the circumstances, a physical confrontation between an employee and a customer is something we must take very seriously and examine very carefully. We appreciate the customers who took time to share their opinions about this incident, and we appreciate their patience as we completed the process.”

Safeway Clerk Gets His Job Back On Wednesday

Safeway Clerk Gets His Job Back On Wednesday