To find the world’s nicest prison, one would have to move and break the law in the old Nordic European country of Norway.

Located on the one-square-mile island outside of Horten, Norway, in the southern part of the country is the Bastoy Prison.

Looking at the island the prison stands on, it’s hard to imagine that there could possibly be a prison there.

There are no gates, no wires or even any handcuffs. The island is also filled with picturesque pine trees, vast farm lands and private cottages — a stark contrast from Alcatraz in the United States.

However, with only 150 inmates on the island, there is a selective process in deciding who is transported to the island prison.

Inmates must go through an application process and must show to the Norway Prison system that they have the motivation for proper recovery.

World's Nicest Prison Sounds More Look A Resort

World's Nicest Prison Sounds More Look A Resort world #39s nicest prison