Father Gabriel Amorth Says Missing Girl Was Buried In Murdered Mobster’s Tomb

Emanuela Orlandi, age 15, disappeared in 1983, in Rome, Italy. Since that time police have conducted investigations into her disappearance. Recently, Father Gabriel Amorth, who works for the Vatican, has made statements concerning what happened to her. Father Gabriel Amorth, has conducted 70,000 exorcisms for the Catholic Church. He believes that Emanuela Orlandi, was killed because of sexual exploitation. In addition, he states that the Vatican was involved in sex parties.

Emanuela’s father, worked for the Vatican at the time of her disappearance. The police reopened the tomb of Italian gangster, Enrico De Pedis because of a phone call stating, Emanuela Orlandi’s body was hidden there. Bones were found, that investigators believe are not those of Enrico De Pedis. Forensic scientists are analyzing the bones to see if they belonged to Emanuela Orlandi.

Father Gabriel Amorth, believes she was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties in 1983. Many people also believe that Enrico De Pedis was involved. The Italian mobster died in 1990 after committing terrible crimes, but was still allowed burial in an exclusive and expensive Catholic Church tomb. Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela’s brother believes the Catholic Church has never cooperated in the search for his sister.

Father Gabriel Says Missing Girl Was Buried In Murdered Mobster's Tomb