DC Comics’ Gay Superhero Has Arrived

The publisher of DC Comics, Dan DiDeo, made a major announcement at a comic book convention in London last week, saying that they would introduce the first gay superhero in DC Comics history.

DiDeo was sketchy on the details at the Kapow Comic Convention of exactly who the new gay superhero would be, but there is strong speculation that this gay superhero would be an existing comic book superhero who comes out of the closet rather than a totally new character introduction to the DC comics stable of characters.

The announcement reflects changing societal values and increasing acceptance of the gay and lesbian community. Fans have been left to wonder if one of their favorites such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Batwoman or Superman will come out of the closet to fully embrace their true sexual nature. DiDeo had previously hinted that DC Comics had developed a totally new gay superhero, but admitted at the convention that it is actually an existing character who reveals his homosexuality.

DC Comics' Gay Superhero Has Arrived