Handcuff Use at Jackson Mississippi School Banned

The use of handcuffs and chains to restrain students at the Mississippi Alternative Capital School in Jackson has been officially banned following a lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The school’s principal, Marie Harris, admitted to using handcuffs first in 2006 in order to restrain a student by attaching him to a railing.

Although Harris did not have her supervisor’s permission to use any restraining device, the practice soon became commonplace at the school.

Passers-by often reported hearing children calling out asking that their handcuffs and shackles be loosened.

The mother of a 16-year old student with Attention Deficit Disorder who was handcuffed as punishment for breaking minor rules of the school sought legal help in filing the lawsuit.

The court ordered that the use of handcuffs or shackles on any student under the age of 13 is now banned and expressly forbidden to be used as a means of punishment or retribution for any non-criminal behavior.

Mississippi School Handcuff Use

Mississippi School Handcuff Case