Two Fisherman Catch 10 Foot Shark In UK Waters

Fishermen, Wayne Comben, 45, and Graeme Pullen, 60, thought their day of fishing was at an end as they threw out the remaining three buckets of chum over the side of their 17-foot boat.

To their surprise, a shark came to feast on the emptied chum and took their bait. Both men were terrified as the shark leaped from the water back into the deep and began dragging the fishing boat a mile out towards the Atlantic Sea for 90 minutes.

Finally, the deep sea predator tired, giving the fishermen the chance to reel it into the boat.

The boat’s underwater camera recorded the images of the predator being pulled in towards the boat.

The magnificent shark was reeled in with a line from a garden strimmer and a rod.

The shark was recorded easily as a 10-foot long Porbeagle, which is a member of the man-eating Great White Shark family.

This amazing Porbeagle easily took the lead as the largest shark recorded, weighing in at 550 lbs, overtaking the previous lead of 507 lbs.

Fishermen Reel in UK's Biggest Landed Shark

Fishermen Reel in UK's Biggest Landed Shark