The latest taste sensation for Asia consumers arrives on grocery shelves on July 24. The new flavor, a salty watermelon Pepsi, will seek to entice those who enjoy adding a little salt to their cool slice of watermelon.

While salting watermelon is not as common a practice among U.S. consumers as it is in Japan, the red soda will fit right in among those who are not strangers to salt’s ability to bring out the sweetness of fruit. The watermelon and beach scene on the label of the new product promises consumers the relaxation, peace and familiarity that summer brings.

While it is not the first strange flavor to hit Asia, previous offerings of yogurt, strawberry milk and cucumber did not go over as well as salty watermelon might. Since salting watermelon is a summer tradition in Japan, Pepsi’s latest attempt may turn out to be a winner.

Salty Watermelon Pepsi Promises The Familiarity Of Summer