College Student Eats Roommate

Well, 2012 is turning out to be the year predicted. Strange rashes reported from a couple different schools, and claims of zombie like behavior along the Eastern seaboard.

Over the last few weeks reports of a guy shot by police because he was eating another man’s face and would not stop when told to, and other strange behavior have the press buzzing.

In recent news, a college student at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland admitted to police that he did in fact kill his roommate.

Not only did he kill him, but he also ate part of the guy’s brain as well as his entire heart.

He admitted his guilt after his brother found the victim’s head and hands in his house. Police have not released any information on a motive for the murder.

Time to get out that survival guide that made your friends laugh when you purchased it.

Latest Zombie Attack: College Student Eats Roommate

Latest Zombie Attack: College Student Eats Roommate