Three-Year-Old Named After Adolf Hitler Remains In State Custody

Although the family of 3-year-old Adolph Hitler Campbell believes that the child was removed from their custody because of his name, New Jersey DYFS spokespeople say that this is not the case.

Neighbors of the Campbell family said that they were uncertain whether physical abuse of the children had occurred, but stated that the children “didn’t have much freedom.”

Police sergeant, John Harris, of Holland Township, where the family lives, escorted social workers to their home last year to take custody of young Adolph and his sisters. The children were removed due to the belief that there was “a threat to their imminent health and safety.”

Upon entry into the home, the workers observed swords and other Nazi collectibles on the walls of the residence. Since the children have been in foster care, reports of “acting out” on the part of the boy have been observed.

According to both therapists and foster parents, this behavior includes obscene language and physical threats of bodily injury.

Nazi Named Children To Stay With Parents

Nazi Named Children To Stay With Parents