Woman Finds Bi-Headed Tri-Beaked Bird

Northampton, MA – April Britt, a 67 year old self-described protector of wayward animals, made the startling find in her back yard of a deformed cardinal with two heads and three beaks. Britt said the curious fowl was found at the base of a tree having strayed from its nest.

Astonished at its appearance Britt photographed the little bird and returned it safely to its nest where it observed that the bird was able to eat only with help from adult birds. Britt said it was as if the middle beak didn’t fully function and the other two were non-functional and perhaps not even connected to its throat. At any rate, by the next morning the bird nest had been vacated and perhaps no one will know what became of the bird.

Tom Lautzenheiser, scientist for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, said it’s rare for such animals to reach adulthood making this one quite unique.