NASA Warns of 2012 End of World Scam

Facebook has been infected with yet another scam. This time it is a NASA warning that tells of the impending end of the world.

The link claims to be a leaked video from NASA that reveals the world will end in 2012. Once users click on the link, they set off a series of problems for themselves and their friends.

The NASA scam is a way to get hits to advertisement pages. Users click on the links and wait for a video to load. Instead of a video, they are directed to another website.

This amounts to click fraud. People are being falsely directed to a webpage through deception. Do no click on these links.

Along with click fraud, these links often lead to serious issues such as computer damage. The “videos” can have malware attached.

This leaves the user’s Facebook profile vulnerable, as well as their friends. Facebook members should make themselves aware of the many scams on the site. Do not click on any videos that appear to be suspicious. Report spam and scams through the Facebook tool, which is meant to help alleviate the problem.