Marital love apparently was not strong enough for an Israeli woman to give up her 550 cats, for the sake of her marriage. In the end her husband divorced her citing unbearable living conditions having to live with these cats.
He told the court that their bedroom was overrun by cats that refused to budge from the marital bed and attempts to chase the cats off the bed were futile.

In divorce papers filed, the man stated that the furry felines was a nuisance, constantly being underfoot and blocking entrances and generally hampering use of the house.

The influx of cats made it very difficult to prepare meals and whenever he was having his meals, the cats would steal the food.

In keeping with Jewish law, the rabbinical court ordered the couple to work at reconciling the problem. In the end the wife chose the cats over her husband. The divorce was subsequently granted.

Man Divorces Wife Because Of 550 Cats