British Teen Drops Weight

Georgia Davis, the Welsh teen hospitalized for her enormous weight, has already begun loosing pounds and gaining life. Following a horrific scare recently when the teen realized she could no longer stand, drastic measures were taken to save her life.

Emergency crews cut Georgia from her home and moved her into the hospital in a special bed. The teen currently suffers from a malady of medical problems: diabetes, spinal problems, skin problems and kidney failure.

“I’m sick of being like this..” said the teen from the hospital. The first few stone of weight is a major step into Georgia gaining her life back.

Not all are happy with Georgia and her situation. Facebook “trolls”, people who attempt to anger or disrupt newsgroup threads and comments, have made fictitious posts about Georgia with comments like: “McDonald’s is banning her” and “You are just a fat girl who loves cake.”

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The teen has been told she will have to remain in hospital for at least another three months before being moved to an obesity clinic in Swansea.

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Miss Davis’s mother Lesley, 57, told The Sun: “Arthur and I would be watching TV in the lounge and Georgia would make her way downstairs, casually saying, “It’s hot in my bedroom. I’m just going outside for some fresh air.”

“‘We now know that she was meeting the delivery van and secretly carrying the food upstairs to her bedroom.”

“She had been eating all sorts of naughty things like sausage rolls, pasties and cakes – and drinking lots of Coke.”

Georgia is currently on a strict diet of no sugar and fresh fruits while under medical care.

Georgia Davis loses three stone in week

Georgia Davis loses three stone in week