Born Eric Clinton Kirk Mewman in 1982, Luka Rocco Magnotta is still at large.

He is wanted in connection with a horrific murder where a man’s torso was found stuffed into a trash can in Montreal. The man’s foot and hand were also mailed to Ottowa. It is suspected that it may have been the body of Chinese student 33-year old Lin Jun, his boyfriend. This gruesome event seems fitting for the man who craving for attention seems to know no bounds.

Luke Magnotta worked as a male stripper at a gay night club and appeared in pornography. He also worked as an escort, utilizing the name Jimmy for his clients.

His craving for attention was evident, as he continuously attempted to become a “fab boy,” a minor bit of fame for a Toronto man. None of this seemed to be enough.

Magnotta has been under investigation since a video surfaced online of him murdering a cat. This investigation fizzled after the OSPCA was unable to prove that the event occurred in Toronto, but this video still shows the cruelness of Magnotta’s character, and seems in key with his current situation.

Manhunt for Luka Magnotta Continues

Canadian Psycho: Manhunt for Luka Magnotta Continues