Weird Weddings: Thia Man Keeps Promise Marries Corpse Bride

A television director from Thailand married his dead fiancee during her funeral. Deff Yingyuen and Sarinya Kamsook had been together for ten years and were waiting to get married until after his schooling was over and their busy lives slowed down. After a sudden car accident took her life, he kept his promise to marry her.

Yingyuen posted an invitation to his Facebook page inviting friends to the combination wedding and funeral. The area was adorned with wreaths from loved ones, students, and performers of all kinds expressing their sympathy.

Pictures were taking during the wedding/funeral and posted to his Facebook page. Since then, the story and photographs have gone viral.

Yingyuen, dressed in a tuxedo and top hat, married Kamsook while she lay dead in her beautiful white dress. He placed her wedding ring on her finger, kissed her on the forehead, and said goodbye to his wife.

Man marries corpse bride