What with all of the zombie television programs and movies being the rage right now, life is also imitating the screen. Flesh-eating bacteria has been on the rise, making people fearful of the worst, and there have been some strange incidences in the news in which people are participating in zombie-like behavior–mainly by eating human flesh. Top that off with survivalists who consider any unprepared people to be zombies and it’s clear that everyone should know some zombie apocalypse survival tips.

Two of the top priorities will be fuel and ammunition. Stockpile it, horde it, be ready or get a home that is solar powered, tucked away in the wilderness away from all other civilization and become completely self-reliant.

Have plenty of food and secure all entrances. Finally, be sure to have someone at your side that won’t turn on you in an act of betrayal when things are tough.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival tips You Need To Know