Search engines have seen a huge new trend: Zombie Apocalypse. During the past week, at least four horrific crimes have come to light that make some think the end is coming.

In Miami, a homeless man had 75% of his face eaten off by an assailant, and all 18 minutes of the attack was caught on camera.

A man in Maryland was killed by his roommate who then ate his heart and some of his brain.

In Montreal, Canada, a hand was sent to the Liberal Party and a Foot was sent to the Conservative Party. A torso was found a short time later concealed in a suitcase which was thrown into a dumpster behind an apartment building.

In New Jersey a man was found stabbing himself repeatedly in the abdomen and then flung skin and intestines at police.

People are wondering if this is the coming of the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse Trending After Recent Attacks