Japanese Diet Goggles Trick the Senses

University of Tokyo researchers have developed a pair of diet goggles that shift the perceived reality of the wearers. These goggles make plain snacks look like more appealing things like cookies, or make the snack in your hand look larger.

In experiments, wearers seeing a larger cookie ate ten percent less, while users seeing a smaller cookie ate fifteen percent more. This technology was developed as part of a study on how computers can trick the human mind by using one sense to fool the others.

Professor Michitaka Hirose found that typical virtual reality equipment was often to large and inconvenient to provide a satisfactory result, but changing the reality the senses perceive provides an easier alternative.

Hirose states, “Reality is in the mind.”

Another experiment works using changing the smell and sight of the food. Users can set their equipment to their favorite flavor. This works in eighty percent of subjects.

Japan 'diet glasses' fool wearers into eating less (PHOTO)

Japan 'diet glasses' fool wearers into eating less (PHOTO)