A 67 year old retired surveyor living in Newark has broken the previous world’s record for growing an onion.

Peter Glazebrook has been trying for 25 years to win the world’s heaviest onion record and finally produced a gigantic vegetable in his garden weighing 17 pounds 15 and one half ounces to capture the world record.

The previous record for heaviest onion was a vegetable grown in 2005 and tipping the scales at 16 pounds 18.37 ounces. But the latest achievement isn’t the first time that Glazebrook’s gardening efforts have won a world record. He has broken 10 other world records over the past three decades as an amateur gardener.

Glazebrook took extra care to remove the onion from the garden at the last minute in order to prevent it losing weight from being displayed overnight.

He transported the onion himself in his car to the Grand Yorkshire Showground and carefully wrapped it in towels to prevent its getting bruised while being transported.

Peter Glazebrook Breaks World Record Growing Heaviest Onion