Guinness World records have a wide variety of oddities mixed in with the normal records of tallest or shortest person alive. Some of the records seem too bizarre to believe.

A 68 year old Indiana woman, Linda Wolfe, has been married 23 times and currently holds the title of “most married.”

Lee Redmond from Nevada has the longest fingernails in the world. Her nails measured an astonishing 28 feet in length. Her right thumb nail is just shy of 3 feet long.

Eric Hahn was declared to have the ‘tallest mohawk” which measures at just over 27 inches tall.

Russian woman, Svetlana Pankratova was awarded the title of the “longest legs.” her legs are an amazing 52 inches long.

Jackie Bibby, a Texas native won a Guinness record for sitting in a bathtub filled with 87 rattlesnakes.

Bob Chandelr of Missouri holds the record for the “largest monster truck.” His truck boasts 10 foot tall tires.

Weird Guinness Records: Most Married, Longest Nails And Tallest Mohawk