Absent-minded Mom Drives Off With Baby Atop Car Roof

A 19-year-old Phoenix mother was arrested after leaving her five week old infant strapped into a car seat and placed on the roof of the car just prior to driving off with him still on the rooftop.

Catalina Clouser was charged with aggravated assult and child abuse and jailed. Her child was placed temporarily with Child Protective Services officials.

Police report that Clouser and her boyfriend were under the influence of marijuana when they decided to drive around the neighborhood in search of a convenience store to purchase liquor.

Clouser and her friend got into the car and started to drive away, oblivious to the fact that she had left her five month old son on the roof of their automobile, still strapped into a car seat.

Clouser has since been released from jail, but neighbors report she is so upset about forgetting about her child on the car’s roof that she has increased her marijuana smoking

Mother Drives off With Baby On Car Roof

Mother Drives off With Baby On Car Roof