Dull and Boring village vote
What’s in a name? For the town of Boring, Oregon, apparently not all that much.

The town, named after an early resident of the not-so-bursting metropolis that approximately 10,000 people call home, held a vote on Tuesday night that was far less exciting than the gubernatorial recall attempt in Wisconsin. Unanimously, the voters of Boring endorsed a partnership with a small town in Scotland that would attempt to work together to raise money based on their “interesting” names.

The name of the town in Scotland is Dull.

Dull, whose name derives from a word meaning “meadow” has under 100 residents, but hopes that the creation of some “Dull and Boring” t-shirts may spark some sales interest.

At the very least, people from both towns who have often heard the snickers and bad jokes from people when they are asked where they are from are very happy to know that they are not alone.

Dull And Boring:  Should Towns Change Names?

Dull And Boring: Should Towns Change Names?