Do vampires really exist? Skeletons resembling vampires have recently been found in Bulgaria. Two skeletons were found in Sozpool, an 800 year old town located on the black sea. The skeletons had iron rods punctured through their chest.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, who is the head of Bulgaria’s national history museum, said that piercing a stake through the dead’s chest was a common practice in the middle ages. It was done to prevent the dead from terrorizing the living. Villagers used iron or wood rods to pierce the hearts of the dead.

Similar vampire like skeletons have also been found in Bulgaria. Bozhidar Dimitrov says that he does not know why the discoveries are so popular. He says that it could be because people are fascinated with the idea that vampires could have really existed.”The people were believed to be evil, when they alive and the technique was used to keep them dead.” Regardless of what history says, there are millions of Twilight fans that will continue to be fascinated by this news.

Vampire Skeletons Found In Bulgaria