Rare California Wolverine Spotted

A rare California wolverine has been spotted for only the 4th time ever in the state. Bill Zielinski, an ecologist for the forest service stated that wolverines were thought to be gone from California. The 4th glimpse of the roving wolverine was caught on video by David Messa, who was hiking in the California Sierra Mountain area.

Messa videotaped the animal running through the snow.

“He was like a bull in a china shop running across that lake. He just probably feared nothing,” Messa told Fox40 in Sacramento. “He was kind of galloping; actually fell through the snow two or three times, turned around and came back, and came across in front of me. I was actually able to get a photo.”

“And I was just … You know, I’m pretty sure that was a wolverine,” Messa recalled.

Wildlife biologists have looked at the video and verified that it is indeed a wolverine. They expressed surprise at the sighting since one had not been spotted since 2008.

In the 2008 sighting, also caught on camera, Katie Moriarty an Oregon State University student saw the wolverine while trying to photograph martens, a type of weasel. The wolverine is under consideration of being added to the endangered species list.

As of 2010, wildlife experts estimated that only 212 wolverines remained in the entire United States.

Wolverine Sighting In California

Wolverine Sighting In California