Autopsy results of 31 year old Rudy Eugene, the man who police shot and killed because he was eating 65 year old Ronald Poppo’s face, was not found to have any human skin in his stomach.

Although the flesh was not found in his stomach, it was found in the autopsy to be lodged inside of his teeth. As well, large pieces of skin were found on the ground of the crime scene which points in the direction of Eugene spitting out the flesh after eating it.

Some people have speculated that Eugene was using LSD and it gave him super strength. This could be the case as he was literally eating Mr. Poppo’s face all the way from the forehead down to his jaw. Police in Miami Dade County say this is not the first case of LSD ending in some pretty insane actions from users.

When officers responded to the call and screamed at him to stop, he looked at the police officer and just growled and continued eating the victim’s face.

Poppo is recovering in the hospital and has had to go through quite a few surgeries to fix his face

Miami Cannibal Autopsy: No Human Flesh Found In Stomach

Miami Cannibal Autopsy: No Human Flesh Found In Stomach